Our Mission

The Kaleidoscope family brings together individuals who carry more than 10+ years of experience in the local/national music, arts and events industry. Our goal is to support local and national artists while creating a safe space for everyone to enjoy all the music and art that life has to offer. KAE is dedicated to building an environment of positivity where you are free to be yourself while making connections and bonds that are everlasting. We pride ourselves on living true to the values of peace, love, unity and respect and will stand against any form of discrimination, assault, abuse, hate or negativity. We thank all of you who support our mission and invite you to come join the KAE family, together we can truly build something beautiful.

KAE is honored to be joining with Groove Music For Youth in helping kids receive the musical instruments they need to inspire their passions and creativity. KAE will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to support the music programs in our schools and give kids the opportunity to learn the art of music. For more information on Groove Music For Youth and how you can help out please visit


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Meet The KAE Family

Ron Tate

President & FOUNDER

the ground up, Ron has spearheaded paramount strategic industry shifts for transforming IT from a functional focus to facilitating innovation for businesses.

Justin Umipeg

ceo & founder

I started playing guitar and piano when I was 9.  As I got older I found a passion in music production and rapping.  In 2011 I began working VIP sales at a local nightclub. It was there that I was introduced to the EDM community and the diverse music it brought. That’s when I knew working events is what I wanted to do. I started to branch out and began my journey marketing and working with various night clubs and production companies in Seattle throwing a few events of my own along the way. After many ups and downs in the local scene me and my long time partner Keano decided it was time to create an event company that was dedicated to doing things the right way. We are KAE and together we will build something beautiful for us all.

Keano Martinez

COO & founder


zephyr tooker

Performer/vendor/artist coordinator

sweaty garage practice space rocking the front woman limelight for gothic metal band Endless Lament. Moving to Seattle in 2012 Zephyr soon became involved with the local music scene as a first responder for festivals like Cascadia and Reccess they she also picked up a love of flow props. From performing in and choreographing private events to First Night in Tacoma to main stage performances at Envision Costa Rica and Burning Man, Zephyr is a talented and professional performance artist. Zephyr has led teams for corporate and live music events and has extensive production experience that includes all aspects of audio and visual experience, construction and set building, fiber optics and special effects, as well as comfort, construction, medical, and security crews. Their most recent project is Flowing Monks fire troupe. When they’re not rocking events or digging into the nitty gritty of the production world, Zephyr can be found spinning dnb, juke, footwork, and house tunes as DJ Wub Subi, making beautiful custom jewelry, or creating art in a variety of mediums.

Tyler johnson

dirECTOR of artist relations/talent buyer

ways since 2010, holding positions with multiple Seattle based companies over the years. I got my start marketing for event companies such as Kaos Theory, Digital Innovators, & Tap Tap Productions, eventually moving on to work with USC Events and Foundation Nightclub for several years. My insatiable hunger for making music my career has led me to over a decade of experience in Talent Management, Artist Relations, Marketing & more. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to use my skills & knowledge to start something amazing with KAE here in the Pacific Northwest, and hope you all will join us in creating memories for years to come!

Alex Reed

Production Lead

In 2016 he changed career paths, beginning his journey in the entertainment industry. Although he started as a stagehand moving boxes, Alex quickly found his groove, progressing as a talented technical operator and developing into a strong production manager. There is no part of the show building process that he has not been a part of. It’s hard to tell if the thing that stands out most about Alex is his overwhelming drive to get the job done or the love he brings to doing it. When he is not helping to produce incredible music festival experiences he can be found snorkeling on tropical reefs in far away waters, or close to home hiking and kayaking in Southern Washington.

John Mulholland

media director

since 2011. I originally started out as a MC for DJs. As I became older, I started helping my friends throw shows. I’ve done everything from promoting to designing merch. I’ve worked for Tap Tap Productions, USC, Foundation Nightclub and Q Nightclub. I’ve been a photographer for 5 years now and have a keen eye for aesthetic. When I’m not working, I’m usually doing photoshoots or editing photos. I’m excited to utilize my leadership skills and to take my passion for photography to the next level by ensuring the quality of KAE media.

Nick Sommer

Media director

director of photography and Director for various hip hop artists, and music videos. Nick has grazed the inside of GQ, and Obvious Magazine, as well as reaching billboards in Times Square with his photos. Nick has spent numerous years inside and out of the EDM community and has many things in store alongside John for Kaleidoscope’s future media needs.

Bilguun Jargalsaikhan

marketing director

to local EDM events loving the community and wanting to be involved in the scene. In 2009 he joined two versitile production companies Kaos Theory and Digital Innovators. After a few years of learning the marketing side of the industry he extended his network in 2011 and began working with local production company Tap Tap Productions. As his marketing and team skills grew he then joined up with local power house USC Events in 2012 as a marketing supervisor helping the company promote large scale events that would sell out. Wanting to be more involved in consistent shows he also starting marketing for Foundation night club until 2016. That’s when he teamed up with his long time friend Justin Hartinger to throw some of Seattle’s favorite local shows CODA and Hear Say at Q Nightclub. B-gun now sits as the marketing director of KAE using his passion and skills to lead his team once again to amazing and sold out events!

Orion Ariel

health/safety director

He has been active in the EDM community for over a decade attending a multitude of shows and festivals across the United States and other countries. After a few years of enjoying being part of the crowd Orion decided to take on a more active role in the community by promoting for event companies and venues around Seattle, from there he decided to launch his career as a DJ under the name “LuckDragon”.  Becoming a DJ has brought him many opportunities to expand his social network, involving himself with multiple different promotion companies and iconic venues throughout the city. Amidst launching a musical career Orion began studying to become a Medical assistant. Years of working for UW and Multicare have helped him gain a solid understanding of medical patient care. When the time came for KAE Presents to get up and running Orion was offered the position of “Event Health and Safety Director” which he graciously accepted. Orion is prepared to bring the patrons of KAE events and the PNW a professional and knowledgeable health/safety experience.

Oscar Nunez

health/safety director

over the past 10 years. Most recently, I have become a Patient Services Coordinator with Swedish Imaging. Additionally, I am recent graduate from Northwest College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Tacoma, Washington. My time at NCAD was invaluable in providing me a wealth of knowledge of art, design, and professionalism.

Kayla gladem-west

safety squad/harm prevention lead

Although I had gone to small shows at places like Motor, King Cat and Studio 7, my entire world got flipped upside down the second I walked into Resolution 2011. Little did I know how much this new world would quite literally save me. I first became a promoter for USC events in 2013 and attended almost every show I possibly could. Around 2014 USC events launched what was known as Conscious Crew. Conscious Crew was a safety and awareness team that roamed around shows and made sure everyone was safe. We had an on-site tent that was a medical room and we worked directly with EMT’s and the local fire department. This team ignited a fire in me. I quickly moved up to become a leader of the entire team and oversaw the safe room where I worked directly with EMT’s for almost 3 years. After I turned 21 I took a break from working shows until I was about 24 where I became a part of the Q Nightclub team. I was a promoter for Field Trip, a weekly night curated around top-shelf underground bass and house artists. I did this for about 2 years until I got the opportunity to do artist relations for the company People Music and the company Rose Entertainment. As well as doing artist relations, I am currently a lead digital marketer for Elated Society and oversee safety and awareness for KAE. I am looking forward to a very bright future with these companies!

grey tsosie

Director of security

in managing a multi-level security team that secures and protects the reputation and health of a fortune 500 company and its affiliates. Under his watch, Grey’s team has coordinated incident response, overseen access control, monitored CCTV networks, investigated high level incidents, and provided national threat analysis in response to global events. Grey also has experience in training and developing a national security team, collaborating with a broad spectrum of cross-functional partners, and creating standard operating procedures that have been adapted into global security programs.

John weci

Bar director

Seattle Washington to start his epic journey into adulthood. Started bartending like most in a corporate restaurant chain style bar. This became too mundane and boring for him so he then went on to help open a sports bar and soon after that the grand opening of a brand new Hotel lobby bar. Always wanting more and better opportunities he became established in the hotel industry, then transferred into the banquet department and began bartending for more upscale and finer dining events. This also allowed him to gain the experience needed to run and operate gatherings on a much larger scale. He has extensive bar knowledge when it comes to cocktails, wine and spirits. Has worked every sort of bar atmosphere you could imagine. From dingy dive bars, club bars, airport bars, stadium bars, festivals, fine dining/private events, company parties and weddings. He has also always enjoyed the music and rave scene since he was 18 and has gone to many festivals. John is deeply honored and blessed to be asked to be a part of the KAE team with all his friends and family, and can’t wait to see what this journey has to offer!

Darby hebert

marketing lead

immediately knew I was in my element with my people. I have always been the type to share event pages etc. that are happening even before I was able to attend them, which is what got me my first opportunity to work in the scene I called home. Right after I turned 21 a good friend of mine reached out to me to be a promoter for him at Foundation Nightclub, which turned out to be one of the BEST experiences of my life. I worked my way up fairly quickly to a lead running my own team of promoters for almost 3 years. And then I started doing artist relations for Foundation on top of being lead, I also ran the snap chat / Instagram on bass nights as a marketing assistant. I worked festivals like Paradiso and eventually ended up as a lead promoter for USC events & did artist relations for them at missives like Lucky. On top of show promoting I am also a brand ambassador for my favorite brand R.A.G.E Nation Apparel! With the unfortunate downfall of both Foundation and USC, I am thrilled to now be a part of the KAE Family with my favorite people.

alyanna Aiko

GoGo Director

My dance career started with Hula/Tahitian at age 5 and since then I’ve accumulated many genres of training to create the unique style I have today! I’ve performed in the scene for 9 years so far, booked for events and festivals in state, out of state and out of the country. Some of these bookings include Paradiso, Freaknight, Resolution, Lucky, Global Dance Festival, Decadence, Beyond Wonderland Mexico and EDC Las Vegas! There’s nothing more exhilarating than being on stage infront of crowds up to thousands losing yourself to your favorite music! Not to mention, the many head to toe costumes I’ve had the pleasure of bringing to life. Of the 9 years, 8 of them I’ve managed a team I also co-founded called Stay UP GoGo! I am extremely excited to bring to the KAE stages my team and other talented gogos the area has to offer! Maybe you’ll spot me up on stage as well! Last but definitely not least my other half and business partner is Kenny C. Together we run Urbn Panda and are parents to our morkies Urbn and Rolo and our son Kian! Well without further ado, let’s dance!

Cameron Stein

Vendor lead

and crystals from around the area as well as from around the world! Occasionally we teach tie dye classes/workshops and take Rockhound trips as well! Our mission is to spread happiness and colors around the world and teach others to do the same. We’ve worked/taught at everything from small house parties, birthdays, barter faires, to bigger events such as Cascadia music festival, Paradiso music festival, Hempfest, Grateful Dead parking lots and more! Cosmic Chemistry strives to create a unique experience that the attendee gets to take home as more than a memory of the event! I’ve been a artist for over 10 years. I also have a large background in event hospitality, security/harm reduction for numerous events, vendor and volunteer coordination, safety and food safety. I’m extremely excited to be apart of the KAE team and can’t wait to help this grow into a wonderful production company as well as help create a great experience for both the team and the attendees!

David Anthony

Art install director/bar manager

Photography and videography, promotion, marketing, merchandising, talent acquisition, event organization, and more! He’s also a rapper/singer that performs under the monikers Kid Arcade and Skamr1. He enjoys spending time with his son David Junior (DJ), break dancing, and skateboarding. Some of his interests include anime, manga, fashion, sneakers, video games, graffiti, hiking, travel, and cars. His love for the scene guarantees he’ll be a pillar for many years to come!

Jourdan frerer

Food and beverage director

cooking in the back of the house to bartending . I grew up in the PNW and have always been passionate about cooking for my friends  while also showing them places to experience new and exciting foods. It’s going to be an honor to have everyone try some of my favorite food trucks at our events and I can’t wait to watch KAE grow!